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About me

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Hi! I am Shinobu Ishimura.

After my retirement, I was looking for something very new to me and giving me new challenges in my life.

I knew Fablab and Fab Academy in February this year. I do sewing, knitting and trimming dogs coat but no experience and knowledge about electric fabrication.

My aspiration to take part in Fab Academy is that I will be able to create some things which enable our living a bit more comfortable.

My background

I was born and grown up in suburbs of Tokyo. Studied in faculty of Law at a university in Tokyo. After graduation, I worked in Finance area more than 30 years in total.

I was working with mainly Microsoft Office applications such as Excel, Powerpoint, Sharepoint and Word in the office. I am not familiar with other softwares completely.

Hence I think that it will take time for me to do works by using softwares which are commonly used there in Fablab. Learning new things will be giving me lots of fun.

I believe this would be my departure to enjoyable fab life.


I am big fancier of Dog Shows. I went to various places in Japan and United States, Amsterdam and Shanghai with my dogs to participate in Dog shows.


Before getting in Dog Shows, I went to car racing circuits every weekend. Mainly I supported drivers and sometimes drove a car. I did not go there these days but still feel excitement, when I saw car racing on TV and SNS.


Last update: June 1, 2021