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5. 3D Scanning and printing

Individual assignments this week are :

  • design and 3D print a small object that could not be made subtractively
  • 3D scan an object (and optionally print it)

Refer to Group assignment below - Group assignment

3D printing

Design - Fusion 360

Designed Flower by Fusion 360.

- Open new sketch
- Write outline of 4 petals by Fit Point Spline and close sketch
- Move to Surface
- Select create then go to revolve
- Select Fit Point splines and revolve 45 degrees
- Adjust tips of petals
- Move to pattern and select Circular pattern to make 7 sets of petals
- Move to Create Form
- Create Quadball and put it on the bottom of petals

Complex and space inside, not fit to subtractive production. Thickness of each flower petal was set as 1 mm.

Flower Fusion Flower Fusion

Slice - Ultimaker Cura 4.8.0

Set Endor-3 and selected LOW Quality for printing.

Original design needs 14hr and more to print. Then, I decided to shrink it to 50% on the Cura. New estimated prinrting time is 2 hrs and 9 min.

Slicer preview

The petal’s thickness was 1mm and now calculated as 0.5mm. A diameter of the printer nozzle is 0.4mm. So I think it will work well. A simulation shows “grey part” in edge of petals.. Does it impact to printing?

3D printing - Endor -3 Pro, PLA 1.75mm

Start printing.

Flower printing


Flower printing Flower printing


Looked into the edges of petals where CURA pointed as gley. I found Petals’ edges weren’t realized as designed.


Mathematically, I think that petal thickness was enough to build up but angle of the edge might be too steep.

3D Scanning - we tried to use QLONE app on iPhone / iPhone Face ID

QLONE - put objects on a mat downloaded from QLONE app and scan slowly around the object.

I brought toys for scanning.

Scan Toy

Scanned images are very clear and copied shapes, colors very well.

AR snapshot. Right - Real object, Left - Scanned image

Scan Toy

Qlone is easy to use and good app to play with. Have fun!!

iPhone Face ID - used instructor’s iPhone TrueDepth camera.

FaceID iPhone

Scanned classmate- Kamei-san

Scan Kamei-san

Scanned images

Kamei-san Kamei-san Kamei-san

Before trying to scan from the top, the apps(Capture) already start structuring images.... So no top of the head.


Since images are rough, we may need post scan processes before printing if we want.


Mirror clip

Last update: June 21, 2021