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Other Ideas

RC car


For my final project for Fab academy I would like to create a 1/18 scale remote control car which is a replica of my car. I want it to have the same body style as well as incorperating the upgraded parts that I have done to my car itself. For the remote control I would like to use an Xbox controller as it incorperates the triggers for forward and reverse as well as a joystick for steering. I have always had a pasion for all type of cars so with this project I would like to go in depth. I would love to design my own wheeels as well as messing around with differnt gears for horsepower and torque as well as tire compounds for optimal grip. The car itself would be powered by a DC motor were I could figure out what the best powere for the car would be as well as whether or not it would be in a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive configuration. Currently for the electronics I would like to mill my own micro controller that will allow me to controll the car with the controller. Lastly I want to create the body in Fusion 360 so that it will be a exact replica of my car.

2D and 3D Modeling

For the chassis shell for my RC car I want to attempt to use a 3D scanner to replicate my car. I think this would add a very cool touch of personalization to the project. I could use the Lidar on the Iphone 12 or a different 3D scanner such as Xbox scanner.

Wheel example


These sketches below are first iterations for the remote control projecet. As you can see below I have layed out how I want different materials to add a layer of realism to the car as well as personalization. through these sketches I show the positioning of the components in the drive train as well as the body. I hope to include functioning head lights and tail lights, suspension, tires, as well as brake lights potentially.


Machine Part Notes
3D Printer Wheels and Body shell Will help with the size of the wheels while creating the replica shell
CNC Machine Rotors and Drivetrain Will add a layer of realism throgh metal dimpled rotors and stability with baseplate for electronics
Laser Cutter Acrylic Windows Tinted windows for all around the shell including mirrors and tail lights
Vinyl Cutter License Plate and interior I will use stickers to add detail to interior gauges and a realistic plate
Output Motor The motor will be powered by a controller to adjust speed and direction of the RC car
Input Xbox controller Joysticks will control steering triggers will control forward and reverse and buttons will control lights
Molding & Casting Tires The tires will be experimented with different materiasl for grip to allow for maximum speed and agility
Micro Controller Arduino Based Board The board will be the brain and control each part of the project including the motor

Last update: May 23, 2021