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17. Invention, Intellectual property, and Income


The task for this week’s assignment is to map out a plan for completing my final project as well as creating a slides and video summarizing my project according to questions that are laid out to me. I plan on using a copyright license by creative commons that will allow me to market my product.

Dissemination plan

Before this week’s assignment, I knew I wanted to Copyright my project, I did not however know which lisence I wanted to use. After reserching the lisence options on creative commons, I decided I wanted to use the CC BY-NC-SA lisence which would allow the usage of my files however it prevents the earning of profit off the files I created. Although the technology within my final project has been used before, I have recreated it to serve my own purposes within a device that I created that has not yet been created elsewhere.

For my final project I will use a Creative Commons-Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike license (CC BY-NC-SA). This license allows my final project to remain open source. I will still have a license on my project to prevent people from using it for commerical purposes and earning money off of its distribution, however anyone will be able to use my files and remix them.

Slide presentation

For this part of my final project I needed to create a 1920x1080 presentation.png image that displays numerous aspects of my final project. For this part of my final project I plan on creating a slide that shows each machine and the parts that it created such as the electronics and the 3D printed case. I also want to include the image of whichever copyright License I decide I want to use on my final project. Below is an image and link of the final slide I will be using in my presentation of my final project.

Creating my Video

For this part of my final project presentation I need to create a presentation.mp4 1080p video in HTML5 that is less than 1 minute and 10MB. In this video I want to show the sketches of the product first then have a side by side of the .brd files and the baords they created, then I want to show the electronics working and the final printed case. Fianlly I want to show the final golf ball cleaner working with the golf ball. Below I will place a link to the video and embedd the video itself.

Last update: June 16, 2021