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18. Project Development


The assignment for this weeks assigment is to answer a series of questions that relate to my final project such as what it will accomplish and what problems and successes I encountered while completing my final project.

What tasks have been uploaded, what tasks remain?

In terms of completing the weekly assignments I am still behind on two weeks, networking and applications and implications programming. The positive however is that I am close on to finishing both aspects of these weeks and once I have completed networking, I have finished all of the electronics within my final project. I also have not yet finsihed the CAD for my final project or the slides, video, and copyright. I will have to finish these aspects once I have atleast a prototype of the final project. I still need to finalize CAD for the case of my final project, re-design the motor board for networking and finish the arduino code for my interface task.

What has worked? What has not?

For my final project I so far have the input board working as I want it to were it prints all values read by the IR distance sensor. I also have the motor board somewhat working although I am re-making it to make it more strong and possibly work out an issue I was having were the serial was not communicating. I also have my CAD working. I have not yet printed it as I am making improvements, but if printed it would work right now. Some things that are not quite working are my golf ball cleaning apparatus as well as the code networking my input and output boards.

What questions need to be resolved?

Some questions that I still need to resolve are how I am going to License my final project depending on whether or not I plan on marketing it. I also need to decide how I want the golf ball to be cleaned based upon whether or not I want to use gears withing the mechanism to clean off the surface of the golf balls. I need to answer these questions before finalizing my project.

What will happen when?

In order to complete my final project I must have my CAD done ahead of schedule in order to alot for the difficulties I will endure while troubleshooting networking. I know my Strengthes are in CAD so if I can finish this aspect ahead of schedule I will not need to stress about completing networking. Once both aspects are completed, I can finalize wire managment and print the case off. Once this is done I will assemble my final project and create the slides and video of all of my final project aspects functioning. I want to alot time however still to any areas of my project that may not work even once it has all been assembled.

What have you learned?

Through this program and working twords completing my final project, I have not only learned the skills necessary to complete the program but also appropriate time management. I would say the hardest part of this program has been appropriately managing time so that I dont fall behind weeks. I relized about half way through the program that if one week fails dont get behind on every other week adn instead come back to it. I also learned exclusivly through my final project the importance of planning ahead. This allowed me to better envision how I wanted to complete my final project.

Last update: June 2, 2021