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16. Applications and Implications


The assignment for this week is to propose a final project masterpiece that integrates a range of units covered and answers the following questions.

The idea for my final project is a portable golf ball cleaner

What will it do?

My final project I want to create is a portable automated golf ball cleaner that uses a IR time of flight sensor networked to a motor to automate the process of cleaning a golf ball. This is an oversimplified description of what can be found on my Final Project tab of my website.

Who’s done it before

After doing research it has not yet been done. I actually want to market my idea as because of Covid, all golf ball cleaners have been removed from golf courses that I am near and I think my device offers not only a solution, but a better appliance then the old. I did research some potential inspirations in regards to the brushes, gear system, and case which I will have linked below. The difficult part about creating this however, is the fact that it has never been done before.

What will you design?

For my final project, I will design the microcontroller boards that I have controlling the motor and powering the sensor in order to complete my electronics. I designed these boards in Eagle CAD. I will also create the case that I am housing my electronics and gear assembly in. I will also design a window that the cleaning process can be viewed from within the case

What materials and components will be used?

For my final project I created a BOM spreadsheet which I have linked here. As I progress through FAB academy and complete parts of my final project I will update my BOM. The green filled in cells represent the materials that either I already have or the Lab possesses. Some of these parts are generic and will need to be changed with compatibility as I near the completion of my final project. Each of these parts will be used to complete different aspects of my final project whether it be the motor, battery, and sensor to complete the electronics or the PLA to construct the case of my board.

What parts or systems will be made?

For my final project I have constructed a chart to show every aspect I want to create as well as the machine I want to use. I want to create the case of the cleaner, the microcontroller boards. The gears, and the viewing window. I want to try and create as much as possible of my project myself.

What processes will be used?

I hope to incorporate each of the following processes into my final project as they demonstrate my growth in the appliance and use a range of subtractive and additive processes in creation.

Machine Part Notes
3D Printer Case and Gear system Will add an ergonomic feel to the case as well as precision in the gears to clean the golf ball
CNC Machine Electronics boards Create the input and output schematics needed to detect the golf ball and rotate the cleaning brushes
Laser Cutter Acrylic Windows A protective window to ensure the golf ball dose not pop out during cleaning process
Vinyl Cutter Branding I want to create a logo and brand the golf ball cleaner to market as a product
Output Motor The motor will be powered by a controller to adjust speed and cycle of the cleaning brushes
Input IR distance sensor Will detect if the a golf ball has been inserted and if it has will communicate with the motor to spin brushes
Mold and Cast Soft Grips A soft silicone that will encase the 3D printed case for a softer feel when holding the machine

What questions need to be answered?

Some questions that I have that need to be answered include, Is the motor I selected going to work as it was mentioned to me that it might not have enough torque to spin the cleaning gears without destroying the motor coils. Another question I have is about how I will water proof the case. Another question I have is about the durability as it relates to wire management within the case.

How will it be evaluated?

My final project will be evaluated on whether or not the cleaning gears turn on their own when the golf ball is placed in the cleaning socket with the brushes.


My current plan to complete this course is to catch up on my past weeks while I have a bit of time. I am currently almost complete with networking. The positive to once I complete networking is that although I am behind, it is the last aspect of my electronics in order to have them all complete for my final project. Once networking is done, all my electronics are done. I also need to complete interface week and intertwine it with a board I have created. I have no intentions of using an interface with my final project so am planning on making a purchase page in html with a form of processing connecting to my board. Once I have completed these weeks I want to complete my final project by using a CAD software to enclose the electronics and design the gear brush cleaning system.

Current Status

My current status can be viewed in each weekly assignment tab on my website but at this moment I am working on completing networking and interface week before beginning my final project.

Were will it come from and cost


Part Price Quantity Purchase
PCB Boards $0.69 x1 In Lab
Tiny1614 $0.71 x2 In Lab
VL53L1X $9.51 x1 Pololu
Jumper Wires $5.99 x15 In Lab
DC Motor $7.49 x1 In Lab
Prushament PLA $55.00 x1 In Lab
1UF Capacitor $0.48 x2 In Lab
9V Battery $2.06 x2 In Lab
Surface Headers $16.74 x27 In Lab
DVR8838 $3.49 x1 In Lab
FTDI Chip $15.60 x1 In Lab
Brush set $13.75 x1 In Lab
Total Cost $134.01

Last update: July 11, 2021