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1. Project Management, Principles and Practices

Principles and Practices

After this lesson I was able to install GIT and MKdocs on my laptop. I completed this by using the terminal feature on my computer and requesting a SSH key. Once I had accquired and copied the key, I pasted it into Git which would allow me to install my files across different devices. I used Homebrew as this was what worked best for installing GIT onto my computer. Git is a tool that we will use along the course of the fab academy for tracking edits made and saving changes on my website. I Learned thorugh the principles and practices video how to access the GIT repository as well as the terminal.Through the video I also learned various commands that would allow for for installing Git. I learned troubleshooting techniques by going back in the repository and reverting to a save where the website worked. When you push changes to the cloud these are called commits and are saved in the GIT repository. To view my website I installed Visual Studio code to be able to view and edit the markdown code for my published website. Once being able to view the site template by going to the terminal and using the command “mkdocs serve”, I was able to view the site. First I chaged around the colors and replaced their information with my own. Seccondly I was able to soon use new code such as “<a href ” to insert links as well as others to insert images and videos. In order to include documentation of each weekly assignment that I completed, I needded to push each change I made via the web IDE. In order to do this, I had to first double check that each image of mine had been compressed so that I was not attempting to push to much data. Next, once I was sure that everything I wanted to push for that week was correct, I clicked the commit button on the IDE. Next I was prompted with 2 options, commit to master branch or create new branch. Under this option it showed the number of changed files. I always selected commit to master branch otherwise it would create a new branch that would mess up my documentation. After I selected this, I confirmed and then pushed my documentation. I waited a couple minutes then refreshed the Git Hub of my website and was able to view the new changes on the global website.

Project Management

For my final project for Fab academy I would like to create a 1/18 scale remote control car which is a replica of my car. I want it to have the same body style as well as incorperating the upgraded parts that I have done to my car itself. For the remote control I would like to use an Xbox controller as it incorperates the triggers for forward and reverse as well as a joystick for steering. I have always had a pasion for all type of cars so with this project I would like to go in depth. I would love to design my own wheeels as well as messing around with differnt gears for horsepower and torque as well as tire compounds for optimal grip. The car itself would be powered by a DC motor were I could figure out what the best powere for the car would be as well as whether or not it would be in a rear wheel drive or all wheel drive configuration. Currently for the electronics I would like to mill my own micro controller that will allow me to controll the car with the controller. Lastly I want to create the body in Fusion 360 so that it will be a exact replica of my car.


These sketches below are first iterations for the remote control projecet. As you can see below I have layed out how I want different materials to add a layer of realism to the car as well as personalization. through these sketches I show the positioning of the components in the drive train as well as the body. I hope to include functioning head lights and tail lights, suspension, tires, as well as brake lights potentially.

Wheel example

Last update: July 11, 2021