10. Applications and Implications

What will it do?

I will design a new type of underwater robot original from the open-source program ROV for middle school students to learn more about STEAM and how to use it in our life.

Who’s done what beforehand?

Here is the organization that did a lot before.seaperch This is a completely open-source project. Have relatively complete instructions and tutorials. At the same time, they will also hold ROV matches
We have updated the project 2-3 times in Shenzhen based on open-source materials, inviting middle school students to participate and learn related design and production knowledge and skills.

What will you design?

Improve control panel design Optimized structural design Reduce the size of ROV Redesigned the motor waterproof system

What materials and components will be used?

PCB board design Related electronic components such as capacitors, fuses, buttons, LEDs, etc. PLA PVC Battery, wire, camera

Where will it come from?

How much will they cost?

I want to control the overall cost within $ 50 (excluding camera)

What parts and systems will be made?

The main structure needs to ensure a balanced state underwater Motor waterproof system Electrical control system Scalable devices such as cameras, etc.

What processes will be used?

2D design 3D design Electronic circuit design CNC and laser production

What questions need to be answered?

Control and waterproofing of small motors When the size of the ROV is reduced if the balance of gravity center is right under the water.

How will it be evaluated?

It will take a lot of testing and time to verify.