8.Embedded Programming

First of all, this week I need to know the ATTiny44 datasheet Programming an ATtiny with Arduino . The content of this file is really very much, and I am not sure about many places, so I can only learn as much as possible. In the process, if I found something unclear, searched online to find or asked our local instructor.


This week I will continue to use the previously made FabISP as a downloader to program the Hello-echo board. The software used is the Arduino IDE.

Before we start, we need to download the support program for ATtiny in the Arduino development board manager. Then search for and install it.

Paste the following URL into the field:

Then I connected the relevant board parts correctly.

Open the Arduino IDE and complete the settings according to the following image.

Finished the bootloader process.


Blink program for Arduino

LED & Button program for Arduino

Blink program for C

LED & Button program for C