9. Input Devices

This week’s assignment is to complete the use of Input components.
For the first time, I chose to use ATtiny45 as the main control chip. At the same time, I will use photoresistor as an input component to achieve the effect of controlling the LED in the circuit.

Schematic Desigen

ATtiny 45

6 Pin FTDI

Resistor*3 (1K/10K/49.9K)

2*3 pin header

The schematic of the photoresistor I used the schematic of the resistor instead. The following is the parameter of the photoresistor. It should be noted that it is directional, so you need to pay attention to this during the soldering process.

Below is the circuit schematic I designed.

Then I started to connect the electronic components. When I completed the first version, I found that there were 4 lines in the middle of the ATtiny45 , and there was no way to make it because the gap was too small when calculating the milling path. So I modified the second version and changed one of the paths then I completed the final PCB design.

Next images are the trace and outline of the PCB.

Making the PCBA

I collected all the electronic components I needed.Then we did the soldering work.


The following is the programming part, the first is to connect FabISP, PCB, Nano.

Need to pay attention to the parameter selection in the red box.
Then started the burn bootloader process.

Below image is my coding content.

Testing Video