About me

My name is Anne - I am a freelance designer & maker on a mission to create, learn and and share. I am passionate about good design, digital fabrication and McLuhan. Currently I live in Overveen - this is a small town not too far from Amsterdam where I live in a tiny castle. At University I studied Education and Communication and Multimedia Design and I really like combining these things - teaching & digital creativity. This is why I started my own company 'Digituig' when I graduated a few years ago.

a abstract portrait of me
a surfskateboard i build last year


During my internships I did some front-end-web-development, content creation and graphic design. My days were spend behind a screen and everything I was creating was never tangible - this was quite frustrating for me. After realising this I did an internship Studio Roosegaarde where I worked on projects where technology, innovation and romanticism go hand in hand. I realised that making physical things and combining these disciplines brings me a lot of joy. Since than I worked at Waag Society as a concept developer and set up and managed the workshops of Makerversity.

Now the stars aligned and my Fabacademy adventure begins. I look forward to creating, learning and sharing!