Hello, my name is IVAN CALLUPE, I'm from Lima Peru. I am a doctor and I am currently doing a specialization in tramautology and orthopedics. Now I am working in a public hospital in Callao-Peru. I like to design equipment for patients. because my hospital is very poor and does not have many resources.   I like electronics and mechanics, I studied industrial electricity many years ago.

Ivan Callupe Lavado

Medical Doctor


The external fixator is a device widely used in traumatology. Especially complex fractures.I hope my project has an electronic control of limb lengthening, cheap and with doctor and patient control.

Limb Lengthening

Bone deformities in your arms or legs can occur for a variety of reasons, including congenital disorders, developmental problems, metabolic disorders and traumatic injuries.In many cases, surgeons can lengthen or straighten the bone to improve function and allow normal alignment of the body.

External Fixators

The metal hardware used to gradually move the bone pieces apart can be either external or internal devices. In some cases, both types of devices are used. The external device, called an external fixator, is a series of metal rings that encircle the exterior of the limb. The rings are connected by metal struts. Sturdy metal pins attach the rings to the bone. The patient manually adjusts the struts to lengthen by about a millimeter each day.


Very expensive (more $ 7,000.00 per device), complicated use (Ilizarov type), Bad self-control of the patient. Bad alignments ...


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You can see the progress of the project. this is updated every week.



Week 1: Jan 16

Principles and Practices,

Week 2: Jan 23

project management

week 3: Jan 30

Computer-aided design

Week 4: Feb 06

Computer-controlled cutting

Week 5: Feb 13

Electronics production

Week 6: Feb 20

3D scanning and printing

Week 7: Feb 27

Electronics design

Week 8: Mar 06

computer-controlled machining

Week 9: Mar 13

Embedded programming

Week 10: Mar 20

Molding and casting

Week 11: Mar 27

Input devices

Week 12: Apr 03

Output devices

Week 13: Apr 10

Applications and implications

Week 15: Apr 24

Networking and communications

Week 16: May 01

Mechanical design

Week 17: May 08

Interface and application programming

Week 18: May 15

Machine design

Week 19: May 22

Wildcard week

Week 20: May 29

Invention, intellectual property, and income

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