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20. Project development

  • What is the deadline? How much time do I have left?
  • What tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?
  • What has worked? What hasn’t?
  • What questions need to be resolved?
  • What will happen when?
  • What have you learned?


Presentation day is on 19.4.2019 So a week left. The documentation and finishing other weeks documentation will take about 3 days of that time. so 4 days effective.

Tasks complete:

  • Design PCB -The first part of the code

Tasks to be done:

  • Make the PCB
  • Soldering the PCB
  • Testing the PCB
  • Making the second part of the code.
  • Making design choice between Blynk and MESH.
  • Designing enclosure.
  • 3D printing enclosure.
  • Laser cutting enclosure.
  • Testing the power requirements.
  • Filming the video.
  • Editing the video.
  • Encoding and uploading the video.
  • Doing the presentation.
  • Spell check the presentation.
  • Android app.
  • Making Oulu FabLAb into disco.

What has worked? What hasn’t?

The project itself has been surprisingly easy going.

I have personal grunge with the PCB milling machine. It won’t lisen to me and the time it takes to make working board is horrendous. Also the utilization rate of the milling machines has been really high in Oulu Fablab because of the lurking ending of the Fabacademy. The wait times to the milling machines are hours long.
As a chemist I’m really fluent with fluids and I opted for Laser paint removal etching progress for the PCB making. Right now the turn time from paint to finished board is about 25 minutes. And the time is the same regardless if I manufacture one board or four. As four PCB:s fit on the same sheet I can progress them at the same time.
Another problem is gigatism. I’d like to jam more and more features to the project. But the time manageration says it cant have everything.

The Document-as-you-do mentalitent does not work for me. I’m heavily dyslexic and getting into writing takes about 3 to 4 hours to start. Every sentence written if there are break in between, will take 3 hours to write. If I document a little every day , I waste 4 hours every day. I tried to make my Bachelor thesis in that way and it took 4 years to make. Did my own thing on Master thesis that is I first collect every piece of information I can get, form the idea of the whole in my mind first and write it down. Usually in one sitting. After collecting the data from NMR test’s that took about 6 months, I wrote the Master thesis,168 pages, in 3 weeks.

What questions need to be resolved?

-Nobody seems to know any C coding for the ATTiny in Oulu Fablab. So there are plenty of questions in my Attiny coding side.

  • Can I use OTA updates for the ESP32? That would make thins easy.

What will happen, when?

Last sprint to make the Final Project. From thursday to monday I have change to be in the fablab nonstop. I will do bulk of the fysical work during that time. some 54 hours of constant 3D printing. And I will make the ESP32 code and the phone side. On tuesday I will make the Video and poster presentations. Rest of the remaining time I have to fix documantation and write documentantion. So 80 hrs on Documentation and 88 hrs on final project working. Allocated time to sleep - I’m goingUberman cycke so 14hrs total.

After Fabacadmy I will go and teach this how-to-make your own Hue-like lamp to 80 teenagers in the coming months.

What have you learned?

That I will never use markdown ever again.

Rest of everything I’m familiar with before Fabacademy. In the weeks I had any extra time I tried to throw in some extra.