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1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.


Plan and sketch a potential final project

Final Project idea.

ESP-Mesh powered intelligent light system.

A number of RGBWW lights that can be controlled vis cellphone.

Lights connect to wifi AP and to each other, Crate P2P mesh decentralized network server on the fly. Each light is a standalone unit that can be used as one, or adds more lights to have more lights,

ESP-Mesh powered intelligent light system. Decentralized infinitely scalable networked server. Works from the nodes. The network itself is self-organized and self-configure and fault-tolerant able Capable to be used with Doppler radar and light sensor to detect where the light is needed and communicating with other lights in the mesh network to adjust the light intensity to save energy.

Light can be used everybody that uses artificial inhouse lights in everyday life.

Alternative, more studen friendly approach: Blynk controlled intelligent light system.

The hardware is exactly same as in the ESP-Mesh controlled devise. only thing that changes is the software.

Block layout for setup

E27 100W lightbulb form factor consept.

PCB -layout for external mem supported ESP32 module with integrates PCB trace wifi+bluetooth antenna. This could be simplified down to single layer milled PCB board to be manufactured in the fablab.