This week I learned how to use GIT through the console, and to use Atom, I´ve encouter some troubles some were solved after installing xcode..

Creation of SSH KEY

I tried to create the user name and email first but I couldn’t so I created the SSH successfully although my email appears as @gmail.com and no XXX@gmail.com hope it gives no security issues. First attempt, didn´t work because name with spaces,

Did it again

It worked

Playing with GIT (user cloning email)

There was a problem to create the user and email, for lack of XCODE tools and no git dir…

Downloaded tools and cloned repository

Still couldn’t create user

For some reason the J and the C had to be separated, but Santi almighty tried to create Santi as user and worked… anyone any clue why? perhaps because my computer user is also JC?

once the user was created the email, no dramas.

Practice add, commit and push,

Downloaded ATOM and started tampering with the webpage; ]changed avatar, text and the proof is that you are reading this.

To make it easy to put the pictures in ATOM, there is a picture drag’n-drop plugin

Go to Terminal and shove this:

apm install markdown-image-assistant

You are welcome.

Also to document on the go or by multiple persons.


Will be your best friend.


  • How to introduce code in markdown

I just discovered by accident that if you write “code”, yes the actual word



this apostrophes appear, and if you pass your code between them, it ends looking like this:

  #define RELAY_ON 1      // Define relay on pin state

### If you want to do your repository in html

I did it, I don’t recomend it.

You have to change your .gitlab-ci.yml

This is how it looks for markdown

image: python:alpine

  - pip install -r requirements.txt

  - mkdocs build
  - mv _site public
    - public
  - master

This is how it looks for html

  image: alpine:latest

  stage: deploy
  - echo 'Nothing to do...'
    - public
  - master

Afterwards it is not necessary but recommended to make again the whole archive system. just to start with a clean slab.

Remember to ad the archives of what you do and document on the go. you wont do it and you WILL REPENT!

I also repent on having tried to do my repo in HTML, as I arrived 4 or 5 weeks late I try to go with what I already knew, more or less, I created the ugliest css template, the more I try to improve it the uglier it got, I wasn´t inspired at all.

Later I tried to literally copy someone else’s template or use an online template, but when I tried to make it more my own it started to fall apart.
I wasted so much time with it, I was like a headless chicken running in circles.

Until I, like the prodigal son, came back to markdown and saw the light, now I´m happier.

In any case, something good came from this HTML deviation, I did my front page using a template (the 3rd one) and altering it, I learned a little bit about divisions, and I accomplish my objective of having all the useful links on hand as well as the calendar, to make sure everything was at one blink of an eye distance.

I change the colour of the bar from gray to blue to be consistent with the rest of the repo, matching the color with the digital colour meter, limited the size of the pictures, eliminated the descriptions and changed the logo and the fonts.

For some reason W4 doesn´t appear, I made sure the name of the file and the name file at the index that calls the file coincides, but still no luck, I repeated the same procedures as in other files I changed the name to, but still, I´ve even copied the file elsewhere renamed and copied back to the right folder, made the git-a etc… no luck, I just changed the name to what the Index wants and it worked (it was a matter of caps or no caps I know it is an issue with git, but they were the correct combination!).

<div class="gallery">
  <div class="thumbnail"> <a href="assignments/W4/w4"><img src="images/W4.jpg" alt="" width="2000" class="cards"/></a>
    <p class="tag">CNC CIRCUIT BOARD, MODS, AVR ISP programmer/board</p>

Also, not all changes are perceivable at the next refresh, some need the page to be closed and opened again, or a “hard refresh” but there were some, that just took a little time to appear. Like a minute or so.

To check your githab:


Here I can check my pushes, and manipulate my repository, is like the backstage of my repository.

If something doesn’t work or your new stuff is not deployed go to “pipelines” on the left popup menus and check if is not deployed, could be you have exceded memory space