What will it do?

I will create a system to monitor the sound (raspberry) in the streets which will assess the level of noise in the streets and the events that may constitute a gunshot, incase of the first one, will turn on a blue light to annoys the noisemakers and will accumulate noise time, given a certain accumulated noise time a police will be dispatched. For the later case, the gunshot, will compare possible gunshots with a library of gunshots using FFT and in case of a match, it will call the police and signal the spot turning red the closest street lamp. This will be accomplished with an street lamp controller (arduino) which will controll the street lamp.

Who has done what beforehand?

In Cincinati there is a similar system in Cincinnati which has drop 46% the gunshots. But has not this dual nature and doesn’t deal with the lights but with mapping, which is future nicetohave Cincinati

What will you design?

A mockup lamp with 3D printing, CNC (wood) and perhaps lasercut (metacrylate).

A fabduino, a communications system (BT WIFI board…) an actuator board to separate the street electrical system from mine

To make the Rasperry and the microphones unnotizable by the public, first because Barcelona is a turistic city and is not nice to interfere aesthetically with the architecture, and to prevent vandalism, I plan to make a molding and casting of the part of the building where the Raspberry will be encased.

Where will they come from?

Fablab inventory, the raspberry I can bring it from home.

how much will they cost?


What parts and systems will be made?

Lamp mockup, fabduino, Relay board, comunication system, casing of Raspberry.

what processes will be used?


What questions need to be answered?

-Will I have time to do everything? -Is this an overreaching? -What type of comm system shall I use? -How difficult is to program FFT in python? -The microphones are difficult to successfully communicate with the raspberry and Oscar tells me to mount them directly to the raspberry pin. Really?!

How will it be evaluated?

Minimum I will prove the concept of the dual nature of the lamp system, because I have to do this and take care of the startup, Happy if I can finish this year, and I will put special attention to do what I do well instead of having everything half the way.