The future would be following Neil’s advice, is to make an improved version of this, and then to pitch this to Barcelona City Hall.


I wish I could give this to the world for its wellbeing, but I have a student loan to pay, I have no job and I have the strange vice to eat every day. Therefor I would like to make a business out of my idea.

As I cannot afford a patent, my system is easily copied, and I have no money to defend a patent anyway I will choose the Creative Commons License that allows me to make business from my idea, preventing companies to economically profit from it (dude make the effort to do your own ideas come reallity), but allowing whomever feel that lives in a place where noise and gunshots are a problem, this person is more than welcome to make it and improve it for himself and his neighbours.

Attributions non commercial share license seems to be the one I’ll choose.