Weekly Assignments

The Following section show information about the tasks completed as per week, click on each to explore.!

Week 1:

Project Finalisation

Week 2:

Version Control

Week 3:

Computer Aided Design

Week 4:

Computer controlled cutting

Week 5:

Electronics Production

Week 6:

3D Scanning & Printing

Week 7:

Electronics Design

Week 8:

Computer Controlled Machining

Week 9:

Embaded Programming

Week 10:

Moulding and Casting

Week 11:

Input Devices

Week 12:

Output Devices

Week 13:

Interfacing and application

Week 14:

Networking and communication

Week 15:

Mechanical design

Week 16:

Machine Design

Week 17:

Wildcard Week

Week 18:

Application and implication

Week 19:

Intellectual Property, and income.

Week 20:

Project Development

Final Project

The following section is about the final project, completed during th course, click on the segment to discover the process.