Week 18 : Invention, Intellectual Property and Business

May 30- June 6 2018

Creative Commons

My final project aims to educate children in the production of clean energy (see here).It is made and thought for children in schools.
I realized that the best licence I can adopt for my final project is the CC BY-SA-40 by Creative Commons for all the parts my final project is composed of.

This kind of licence implies that:

  • Anyone is free to copy, redistribute, remix, transfomr and build upon the material for any purpose, even commercially
  • The attribution of the product must always be declared in any reasonable manner, but not in any way that suggests that the licensor is endorsing the new use
  • The remixes, transformations and build-upons of the product must distributed under the same licence of the original

  • The reason I want to adopt this relatively free licence is because I designed the whole thing thinking about children at school,the game's purpose is to sensitize them to an important topic such as renewable energies.Furthermore I do not see this game (At this stage of progress) much marketable .For this reason, and also for promoting a culture of sharing, I think that everyone with the resources to build one for herself ( and possibly giving it to a school) should do so.

    MIT license

    Every code Neil gave to us during the academy started whit some strange lines of comments.It is the MIT license.It is well explained in the page I linked.I could use it but I choosed the CC BY-SA-40 because of the share alike policies : The licensor permits others to create and distribute derivative works, but only under the same or a compatible license