Final Project


The electronics board I used for my final project are the ones I made for Output device week and Networking and communication week.
I reported here the same documentation I wrote for those weeks.

Board master

Using Eagles as always,the designing process wasn't hard.I provided my board whit a Voltage regulator to be powered whit a 9V battery, and with an HallSensor because I want this board to calculate RPM of the tubines in the near future.I also provide exposed pins for the Bluetooth module I'll use for Networking and communication
I found the package for the voltage regulator in the fab's library :

and the package for the hall sensor in the Allegro's library :

The hall sensor we had is a ratiometric sensors that provide a voltage output proportional to the applied magnetic field (link).So I connect the output of the sensor to an ADC pin.

The pins for the bluetooth didn't need much attenction because I'll use SoftwareSerial,so I choosed 2 of the remaining available pins.

Hold the left button on images to zoom in

Actually the image above is the fixed version of the board.Previously I forgot to make this link :

And I saw it only when I was soldering the ATtiny 44.At the moment I fixed it whit a small piece of a copper wire :