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AgriLab FabAcademy website

2024 FabAcademy Machine Week

2024/02/08 Vinylcut workshop.

You can find more weekly picture of FabAcademy in AgriLab, here . And much more on AgriLab instagram with weekly non-FabAcademy project.

FabAcademy Students

This year, AgriLab has 3 students.

Jean-Côme Picot

Pol-Emile Briot

Alexis Lepage

AgriLab projects

AgriLab work on an Agricademy program :

PlasmAgrilLab , Machine week FabAcademy 2022 continue to be improved by Nicolas Kaufmann. The machine is used on daily base to produce metal part.

2023 version below with improved motor drivers and better cable managment.

Started with the Machine week in 2022 by Théo Gautier, Jérôme Rançon, Luc Hanneuse & Aurore Kubica, PlasmAgrilLab a CNC plasma cutter continue to evolve .


AgriLab website (in french)

Find more in the about section on AgriLab

Find more about Luc Hanneuse , AgriLab’s local instructor & Manager.

AgriLab participate in Regional Review with FabLab Amsterdam (Waag), FabLab ULB, FabLab Charleroi, Dilijan and other friends.

Today, we have been doing a workshop on how to document.