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20. Project development

in this week i’ll answer the following questions:

what tasks have been completed, and what tasks remain?

I have one week left for my presentation.

almost everything is complete, I have just to complete the coding for the device.

done: CAD Designs, 3D printing, laser cutting. Electronic design, production, and wiring. testing electronics.

Pending: Coding.

what’s working? what’s not?

separately all electronics are controlled with code but when I combine my code algorithm to run all of them together I face trouble where the code is compiling and uploading but the device isn’t functioning like it should.

what questions need to be resolved?

The Algorithm behind the code. I need to re-organize the code in a better way. for example how to turn on the warning message, display , and red light in a sequence that makes sense.

what will happen when?

at the beginning when I start the device all the parameters should be measured and compared to the threshold values and be displayed on the screen while the green light is on.

once any value go above threshold, the light will turn red, the screen will only display this specific parameter value and the text to speech code will read which parameter is higher with a warning message.

what have you learned?

1- CAD Designs: I have designed the body of the device on fusion 360 which is easy to use. 2- D printing: I have used Zortrax and Ultimaker 3d printers and I have learned good experience using slicers to produce the G-code the printer used. 3- laser cutting: I have learned alot about the DPI and power and speed of the laser and how it effect the engraving and cutting of different materials. 4- Electronic design and production: this was the toughest part, where designing the board then preparing it for milling then milling it was a precise work and no slightest chance for error. 5- wiring: wiring was easy following the schematics I designed. 6- testing electronics: testing was also fun where I used Library codes. 7- Coding: coding was difficult. as to come up with the right Algorithm and to do trail and error took a lot of mental effort and time. and etc.