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13. Applications and implications

In this week I have to propose my final project while answering several required questions and making sure that my projects includes the following: incorporate 2D and 3D design,

  • additive and subtractive fabrication processes,

  • electronics design and production,

  • embedded microcontroller interfacing and programming,

  • system integration and packaging Where possible,

What will it do?

I will build a baby room environmental monitor to monitor several vital parameters that can effect the baby health.

the 5 parameters are:

  • Room temperature.
  • Air humidity.
  • unhealthy gases.
  • Air pressure.
  • altitude.

Who’s done what beforehand?

I found many examples online for people who have done a room environmental monitors like what dexter did here.

he used temperature and humidity sensor, light sensor and lastly a sound sensor.

the advantages he has compared to my project that he us measuring the noise level that can disturb and whether the lights are off or on.

the advantages that I have in my project that is that im first displaying the results on an OLED screen without the need for computer screen to show the readings, I have a sound warning system for any dangerous situations and lastly I measure more essential parameters to the baby’s health.

What will you design?

ill design:

  • the casing of the project.
  • the PCB board and the electronic circuit.
  • Logo for the device.
  • protection cover for the input and output devices.

What materials and components will be used?

  • for the 3d printing ill use PLA filament.

  • for the laser cutting ill use acrylic sheet.

  • for the logo a sticker.

  • for the Board ill use Copper Clad board.

and the components are:


  1. BME 680 MultiSensor.


  1. I2 OLED creen..

  2. rechargeable Speaker.

  3. NEOPIXEL RGB Light.

Where will come from?

Most of the materials and components are either avaliable at the UAE Fablab or the Lab will purchase online.

How much will they cost?

this is the BOM :

Qty Description Price Source
1 PLA filament 30.00 $ Fablab UAE
1 Acrylic Sheet 00.00 $ USED
1 Vynil Stickers 00.00 $ USED
1 BME 680 MultiSensor. 19.00 $ Fablab UAE
1 I2 OLED screen 18.00 $ Fablab UAE
1 rechargeable Speaker. 00.00 $ Old speaker
1 NEOPIXEL RGB Light. 00.00 $ USED
1 FTDI Cable 10.00 $ Fablab UAE
1 Wires. 02.00 $ Fablab UAE
TOTAL 101.00 $

What parts and systems will be made?

all the parts expect the input and output components.

What processes will be used?

3D printing, vinyl cutting, laser cutting, Soldering and milling.

What questions need to be answered?

  • what are the parameters that will set the threshold?

  • how to use the speakers without a prerecorded voice on a storage card?

How will it be evaluated?

  • making sure that I chose the right threshold values to set the warning alerts.

  • using to speech programing that actually alerts the parents when any of the parameters exceeds the threshold.