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18. Wildcard week

the aim of this week is to design and fabricate with digital design fabrication process something that was not covered in any other assignment weeks.


I chose to do digital sewing as my wildcard and I have used Janome Horizon MC15000 sewing machine to sew my design.


I design a football in black and white using coreldraw then I saved it as image to be able to import it to the sewing machine app later on.

then I used digitizer program to covert the image to a digital format to produce the tool path for the MC15000 sewing machine.

First I chose a hoop size that will fit my desire size of design. FA10:100x40mm

then I attached a piece of black leather with a piece of paper to hold the leather on the hoop. and I made sure I tight them to the hoop well.

then on the software I put the hoop size FA10:100x40mm.

then I added the image and put it in the center of the hoop

digitized the image for the sewing machine by clicking Auto digitize instant embroidery under Auto digitize tab.

then I fixed the hoop on the machine

then I sent the design to the machine

then I pressed ok and it asked me to confirm the hoop size

then I pressed start on the machine and I started sewing.

and the finished art piece looked like this after fixing it on hanging hoop.