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5. Electronics production

In this week we had to manufacture our own ISP programmer that we will use to program our controllers, and also to get to know more about CNC milling and monofab Srm-20.


First I started by downloading these two PNG files from this tutorial to be able to use them to exract the correct file that with .rml extension to be able to mill the ISP programer PCB.

So I used Fabmodules to get my output files.

The step were:

  1. Select the input format to be read – PNG in our case.
  2. Upload the PNG image.
  3. Select the output format – because we are using a Rolland milling machine we select Roland mill (.rml) as our option.
  4. Select the process to be done – Here we declare whether we are processing the image of the traces or the outline of the PCB. This step is done twice.
    PCB Traces (1/64)
    PCB Outline (1/32)
  5. Enter the settings for the output format: Machine: SRM-20.
    X0, Y0, Z0 = 0 mm.
  6. click on calculate

Then I set up the Setting Up the Ronald srm_20 milling machine. and mounted the FR1 plate to be milled.

then set up the Vpanel for SRM-20 software and setting up home position for X,Y,Z cordinates.

for Z Zeoring: I lowered the milling bit enough to almost touch the board. then I un-screw the milling bit bringing its tip close to the surface to touch it slightly and then tightened it back, and set the zero Z value. This step is done to ensure that the milling bit will be able to touch the surface enough to start engraving,

The first milling (1/64) bit for traces is shown here:

then I started milling.

Then I replaced the (1/64) with (1/32). to do the cutting by keeping the X,Y zeroes the same but rezeoring the Z axis with the (1/32).

and the result is Here


then I collected the following components to solder.

and the result after soldering is like this.

ISP Programming.

First I started programing it by following Sara’s Steps and doing all the following:

  1. Install the Atmel GNU Toolchain
  2. Install GNU Make
  3. Install avrdude
  4. Update your PATH
  5. Zadig.
  6. FTS firmware.
  7. WinAVR 20100110

Atmel download

GNU Make download

avrdude files in C.

adding PATHs

fts-firmware(create a hex file.)

Zadig to install driver on ISP.

make flash and make fuses commands

Checking if ISP appears in Device Manager

command rstdisbl

ISP Ready

ISP Testing




Group assignment

for this group assignment I used this picture to test the difference between using climb and conventional options when working on the fabmodules.

I added the picture to fabmodules and the setting are shown in the pics :



and then I used the Roland monofab SRM-20 with 1/64 ich milling bit and the results is seen in this picture:

where it can be seen that the climb is smoother and less deep and have more accurate shaping.