Hello, I am Ted , from Fablab Taipei, Taiwan, this is my Fab Academy study note

This site document the weekly progress and the final project of my fab academy learning, I'll keep it updated and share what I've learned from Fab Academy.


Final Project Proposal

Project Management

Computer Aided Design

Computer-Controlled Cutting

Electronics Production

3D Scanning and Printing

Electronics Design

Computer-Controlled Machining

Embedded Programming

Molding and Casting

Input Devices


Output Devices

Networking and Communications

Mechanical Design

Interface and Application Programming

Applications and Implications

Invention and Intellectual property

Project Development

Final Project

About Me

After living in United State for 10 years, I moved back to my home country, Taiwan, and founded the first Fab Lab here. I studied Hydraulic and Ocean Engineering and Architectre, worked as both designer and engineer. I love traveling, baseball, yoga, sailing, snowboarding, and making things, and I have enormous passion about the future.


Email : ted@fablabtaipei.org