Electronics Production

Although I have some electronic welding experience, but that was long long time ago dated back to my childhood, so learning to make a circuit board, is a bit complicated feeling for me.

I start this week’s assignment by learning how to export RML file from Fab Module. 
We have a Modela machine in Fablab Taipei, but it is a Modela MDX-540, it’s much bigger and powerful than Modela MDX-20. But to make a circuit board, in my opinion, it is a little bit too big and too powerful. But luckily, It can still use RML file. So I can get the file directly from Fab Module.

To control such a big machine to do some delicate work are not so easy, I failed many times, sometimes cut too deep, and I also broke some bits.

I am glad I still remember how to weld. It’s a bit small. Need some patient and technique, and good eye sight.

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