Mechanical Design

Design a flipper unit for my final project

This week has been a busy but great week for me. Since the inaugural FabLab Asia Network (FAN1)was held in Bohol Island, Philippine from May 2nd to May 7th and also Bohol Fablab is the newest Fab Lab in Asia, when it opened at May 2nd, Philippine president also came to the ceremony and gain a lot of media attention.

From Taipei to Bohol, although it doesn’t seems like a long distance, I spent 12 hours on the road to get there, include a red eye flight and terrible transfer time. To make something on the road is a great challenge. Especially the internet connection on Bohol island is not stable, normally it can barely even reach 1Mbps. As I am on the road, I can only use something I have or I can found. Due to the laciness of PC software. I have to use illustrator to make my project.

This is a flipper unit for my pin ball table. The only suitable material I can found at Bohol is 9mm MDF. I want this flipper unit can only flit within certain angle. So I design a gear set that only about 1/3 of the gear edge has teeth. To let the trigger able to back to its original position. I made hooks and use local founded rubber band to do the retraction.

And also for preventing over flip, I put a stopper in front of the piece. Due to insufficient time and material on the island. I can not find something that could complete the hinge connection to the flipper piece (and they don’t have wood glue yet). But it works fine. I will keep modify it when I got back to Taipei. Thanks for Yutaka san for letting me use the new laser cutter in Bohol Fablab

And to share the happiness of our Asian family, This is the group photo after the symposium. And one more thing!

Taipei will be the host of next FabLab Asia Network (FAN2)!!! and welcome all of you to join!!

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