Embedded Programming

Data Sheet Reading

The first part of this week’s assignment is data sheet reading. I start from reading data sheet of Atmel ATTiny44 which we use in the electronic design week. It contains all the information we need to know when using this chip.

Board Programming

I have very little previous programming experience. The last time I program something can date back to my childhood, at that time, the language I use was BASIC.

In order to program the Button+LED board we made last week, first step is to add chip data file of ATTiny44 to the board.txt file under Arduino folder.

Then we can configure ATTiny44 20MHz through the pull down menu

Now we can start to program the board, I follow the AS220 tutorial to burn the bootloader to the board. After that, I am able to play with some of the sample code inside the Arduino IDE and upload to the board and make the LED blink or fade. Then I move onto other programming language.

Program with C

I follow the AS220 tutorial and download Neil’s hello.ftdi.44.echo.c and make files. To program C code onto the board. I use terminal and type the following command.
sudo make -f hello.ftdi.44.echo.c.make program-usbtiny
Then I go to Arduino serial monitor(Tools->Serial Monitor) to see the result. And here's what I got.

This is something new to me, so I am still trying to figure out what actually these code do.

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