Applications and Implications

Following my initial project proposal, my final project plan still stick with the pinball table idea, but I want to make something different. Pinball table is a lonely machine, basically, you play with a fixed set up with machine. So i decide to make a pinball table that could be played with others.

What will it do?

This will be a pinball table that could be played by two people together. It will has an elevated center and declined ends, It will be a battle type of pinball game, two people play from both side. Balls will be released from the center and the players can use the flipper to attack and defense, when the balls fall down to the bottom, the opponents score and the socore will show on LCDs.

Who's done what beforehand?

Many people have done homemade pinball table project. Here are some examples:

What materials and components will be required?

3D Printing filament
fiber glass
chemical wood (or machinable wax)
LCD 1602
CNY70 optical sensors
4.7K ohm resistor
100 ohm resistor
10K ohm resistor
metal wire
22p capacitor
104p capacitor
10K potentiometer
16MHz crystal
micro buttom

Where will they come from?

local electronic vender
wood suply
casting material store
arcrylic suppier
scrap from our fablab

How much will it cost?

electronic parts roughly under 30 USD
wood parts around 30 USD
casting about 10 USD
3D Printing 10 USD

What parts and systems will be made?

pinball table main frame
pinball table desktop
flipper units
scoring system
table top lay out and ramps
ball circulation system

What processes will be used?

computer-aided design

the whole pinball table and 3D modeling

computer-controlled cutting

pinball table desktop and flipper mechenizm

electronics production

scoring system

3D scanning and printing

flippers and some table top obstacles

electronics design

scoring system pcb board design

computer-controlled machining

main frame of pinball table

embedded programming

scoring system

molding and casting

some table top stopper and obstacle parts

input devices

ball sensor system


part of table top surface

output devices

scoring display system

networking and communications

connection between arduino boards

mechanical design, machine design

flipper control and ball circulation

What tasks need to be completed?

main frame
desktops plus surface
flipper units
electronic parts
ball criculation system
adding desktop objects(layers, orbits, obstacles)

What questions need to be answered?

how to intergrate the scoring system with the machine body?
how to kick off and end the game?
how to make this project has expandable opportunity?

What is the schedule?

electronic parts ----------------May 18~28th
main frame ---------------------May 28~29th
flipper,objects------------------May 29~31st
assembling---------------------May 31~Jun2nd
testing and debugging--------Jun 2~4th

How will it be evaluated?

The pinball machine could work smoothly with the correct score count and make an enjoyable gaming experience.

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