Molding and Casting

Casting with Unsaturated Polyester Resin

My Smooth-on ordered didn't arrive on time, so I have to seek for some local solution, I started from milling out a set of mold from foam, the shape was generated from maya.

After hours of millings, I got the top and bottom pieces of the mold.

The local substitue material I use for casting.

First I apply release agent to the entire mold to make sure the casting won't stick onto the mold.

I forgot to make an material outlet, since the foam is soft enough, I just made one manually.

And this is the casting result after one day

Make a mold with Latex

This is an element I need in my final project, it is a spinning plate that deflect the metal ball inside the pinball table.

I made the 3D model from blender and then do a double side milling with chemical wood

The is the Latex I found from the local material supplier.

I laser cut 3mm acrylic to made a container and tape it from the side in order to get a case that could be taken apart easily later.

The latex trial wasn't go smoothly. After a day of waiting. Altough I did follow the instruction from the material supplier, maybe it was the humidity, or perhaps it was due to the severe temperture changed last week (from 12 to 29 degree celsius)

After one day of drying time, only partial solidfied

I will try more time on this material and also work with several other materials i ordered

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