Final Project Proposal

My Idea is to create a radical pinball table that contains many fantastic features and also has the foosball style of battlling game floavor. The table can be played by two people from both ends. The two major flipper units can control by a motion sensor that connect to human body, and it could be attach to any part of your body that you want to have a little exercise.On top of the table, it has many different areas, It is not a flat surface, it will have multi-layer and the main surface can be a combination of many different kind of materials.Structure of the table can be expandable design that the whole game could expand if in need. digital scoring system that you can see your score easily.

There will be a slump zone at the place where at the easiest access location of the ball. The slump zone will be made out of casting silicone and contain 3-color LED inside. While the module sense the weight of the ball, the light will change.

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