Computer Aided Design

For the assignment this week, I start playing with several software programs taht I don’t have much experience. I start with blender. It is a powerful 3D modeling tool, with many (maybe too many functions) I was a Maya and 3D Max user, the concept of blender feels a little bit in between. I modeled the structure of my proposing pinball table. Due to the unfamiliarity and the complexity of this software, did really get too far

I tried to build some frame similar as Jens chair, but using blender. It will be a CNC milled object and holding the main pinball table, on top of it will have a mounted digital scoreboard.

Design Files

Sketch up is another 3D modeling tool, I constructed the pinball table layout with it.

Design Files

Although its easy to use, it doesn’t suit to build some irregular shape. So I just indicate some area in the drawing. And I used GIMP and Inkscape to do some touchup work after captured the image above. For some reason, due to the X Code issue, I wasn’t able to install Fab Module on my Mac computer I will try grasshopper and rhino when I have a Windows PC to use. I am pretty worried that my old macbook won’t be able to survive through this Fab Academy .

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