Project Management


Mercurial is a version control too that allow multi user to maintain a project together. First you have to install the software. Then you can use it with terminal or some other GUI software such as SmartGitHg or SourceTree.

Node system

Mercurial has a distributed node system. Because it allows many people work together at the same time, when people are working together at the same time. It would possibly create multiple branches.

General Commands

Hg pull
Hg pull allows you to pull down current status of archives, so you can start to work from there. (It’s a download command, it will affect your local archives, but won’t change any thing at the server side)
Hg add
Hg add allows you to add files to the archives.(It’s a local action, you can add as many times you want, but it only change your local archives, won’t change any thing remotely, yet)
Hg commit
Hg commit let you add a note to describe what you’ve change to the archives. Before you push your change to the remote server, everything you change need to commit. (This is still a local action, you can do as many times you want, but won’t change anything on remote server)
Hg update
Hg update keep your node be the latest one. So when you try to push your file to the server, it won’t create more branch. (This is a synchronisation command, it helps you to reduce the difference between the archives from server and the local archives. MAKE SURE, always do update first, they push immediately! that will reduce a lot of potential trouble)
Hg push
Hg push allow you actually push the files you changed to the remote server, but be careful, because mercurial is a multi user platform, many situation could happen, it may create a sub branch, a branch out of another branch, create too many nodes……etc. But if any unsuccessful push notification pop out, don’t be panic, you can always merge back to the main branch, do not try to force push ANYTHING if you don’t know what it is
Hg merge
Hg merge is a command let you merge more than one branches back to one. If you always update constantly, you won’t have too many chance to use this, but it still useful once if you are in that kind of situation.
Hg status
Hg status let you check the current status,if you have an "!" mark in front of any file, that means the repository and your local archive are not sychronized, make sure to add that file back.

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