1. Final Project Concept!

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.


I am a co-founder of a participatory printmaking group called League of Just Us. We take laser cut stencils to protests and rallies so participants can print their own bandannas, flags, and posters. In the past we have done some large scale printmaking which I find very exciting. it allows us to make a huge impact and create a visual connection by linking graphics and themes. We have brought large stencils in the past to accomplish this, but i would like a more adaptable solution for large scale printing.

Things that got me excited about this project


the base of the bannerbot will be an xy gantry that self propels itself over material to print on. it will be an open loop controlled system that can be programed from a computer to print custom banners on the go. The paint cans will be pressurized (bike pump maybe. and have a solenoid to allow them to spray out. different spray/paint systems allow for multi color prints without resetting the machine

Important features:

Ability for many people to be involved with the process

Low voc





Easy to maintain

Example Photos

Photo of house

Photo of house

fab academy screenshot