Benjamin Scott

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Fab Academy 2020

About me

Welcome, stranger. Hello, Neil. Hi, Mum.

A few words about me? Ok...

Once upon time, I was born. 25th July 1992, to be more precise. In France, from a French mother and an English dad.

Fast-forward to 18 years later, I moved to London to study a Bachelor in Film & TV Production. Since then I've worked in media such as camera operator, video editor, graphic designer and website developer.

From a young age I was interested in learning and started with programming (Python, HTML, CSS, Objective-C / Swift), onto playing piano, messing around with Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, electronics and all kind of stuff.

Two years ago I realised I was more interested in making stuff than filming, so I did an internship at the local Fab Lab in Poblenou, Barcelona. Over the next 2 years I learned how to use some machines and went more in-depth down the making path.

Last year I finally decided to do the Fab Academy.

Today, here I am.

Principles & Practices

A first idea for a final project

This is an idea I had last year which I have already partially developed. The idea is to make a smart window that switches on and off gradually as the sun rises and sets. It can also connect to the weather and change brightness depending on the weather outside.

Playing Jekyll, Markdown, HTML & GIT

This week we explore the wonders of making HTML websites through MkDocs, Jekyll and other services

In parallel we play around with Git for version control and project management.

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Computer-Aided Design

This week we played around with multiple software, but I focused on FreeCAD as it is open-source. We had to create a design that could be modified using parameters. I created the frame for my Smart Window idea, which could be thicker, longer depending on the values you enter in the spreadsheet.

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Computer-Controlled Cutting

This week I learned a lot about using Grasshopper and how it works. The task was to design some parametric press-kit, which means it can be easily customised using variables.

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Electronics Production

This week we are milling our own PCB board, woo!

In my case I decided to go for the FabISP, which was an interesting choice. It has a fair amount of components, and needs a programmer to flash, which is funny when it's role is to that itself.

I really enjoyed soldering the board, it was peaceful and relaxing.

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3D Scanning & Printing

This week we explored different ways of scanning objects, from photogrammetry to speckle and laser.

We then explored the world of 3D printing, testing the tolerances of the machine and it's settings.

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Electronics Design

This week we are taking the design of a board, and redesigning it, adding at least a button and an LED.

I decided to control an RGB LED with 3 buttons for each color channels. I chose to do this because it is somehow related to my final project, which is a Smart Window that can fake daylight, but also display nice colors.

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Computer-Controller Machining

a.k.a Corona Virus Week

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Embedded Programming

Programming the board we made in Electronics Design week (oh no... I've left mine at the lab, and it's closed because of COVID-19).

Falling back on playing with the board we soldered in haste that includes the ESP32-WROOM, as well as playing around with some Arduinos.

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Input Devices

Playing with lemons, photoresistors, Serial Plotter, ADC (Analog to Digital Convert) inputs... what a beautiful week. It's 22h25 on Thursday and I've played around so much stuff already.

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Code Club

Oscar's biweekly wisdom on Python

Every two weeks Code Club happens and play around with Python.

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∞ - 1.
The final year project

An idea that is evolving

Here is where I update with my journey on the Final Year Project.

First I thought about making a clever window that can adapt to outdoor conditions and make a room seem brighter.

Now I'm thinking of maybe making some lamp-shade-plant-pots so that while you light your home, you can also grow plants.

I just had an idea, why not combine both projects above. Make a window that grows plants?

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