My Journey in
Fab Academy 2019
Final Project About Me

About Me

Arash Sattari

I am a PhD candidate at
University of Oulu, Finland.

Hello! My name is Arash Sattari. I am participating in Fab Academy 2019 from Fab Lab Oulu, in Finland. I got a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and a master’s in Electrical Engineering in my homeland Iran. Then I moved to Finland to continue my journey in Computer Science. I graduated in Ubiquitous Computing master’s program at University of Oulu in 2018, and started a PhD at UBICOMP research group of University of Oulu.
My familiarity with Fab Lab concept comes from UBISS 2017 summer school (“Digital Product Realization: Making Things That Matter”), which was held in Fab Lab Oulu. Also I have done multiple SMD soldering and PCB designs in FabLab. My research is focused on embedded web services, and I will require to build my own embedded devices and related physical parts such as cases, wearable devices, holders, etc. Therefore, Extending my knowledge and skill regarding digital fabrication tools will be really helpful for me in my further research. Beyond that, working with fabrication tools has been always one of my main interests.


Weekly Assignments

Week 1

Project Management

Week 2

Computer-aided Design

Week 3

Computer-controlled Cutting

Week 4

Electronics Production

Week 5

3D Scanning and Printing

Week 6

Electronics Design

Week 7

Computer-controlled Machining

Week 8

Embedded Programming

Week 9

Molding and Casting

Week 10

Input Devices

Week 11

Output Devices

Week 12

Application and Implication

Week 13

Networking and Communication

Week 14

Mechanical Design

Week 15

Interface and Application Programming

Week 16

Machine Design

Week 17

Wildcard Week


Invention, Intellectual Property and Income

Week 19

Project Development

Final Project