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My Journey at FabAcademy 2019.

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My name is Julie Sundar and I graduated from Christian Liberty Academy in Paramaribo suriname. I am currently a Software Architect working for company Cottage-It and also chairwoman of a foundation which I started in 2018 called Codettes to inspire, bring awareness to and to educate girls in innovation and ICT.

After graduating from christian liberty academy I did not have the financing to continue my education and go to college so I decided to volunteer at an Ict organization called IT-Core in suriname to network with others in my community and develop my experience and skills even though I had no background in Ict or IT I wanted to do more with my time and seek opportunities.

I then meet my current boss(chairman of Itcore) who saw my drive and potential and offered to train me in software architecture and Ict. He challenged me to participate in Local Hackathons and HacomatIons so I can gain the skills and experience by competing with other hackers in my community.

When I competed in my fIrst hackathon It was a complete fail I had no Idea what I was doing I did not even know how to make a basic html page but I did not give up I had the determination to try again. I then picked myself up and started self studying putting myself into drill sessions to learn everything I can about Ict and Ict technologies and seeking mentorship from experts in the Ict communIty to help me gain the knowledge I needed. Fasting forward to the 3 years later. Because of my determination, passion and drive I was able to accomplish and completed all the achievements listed below.

  • Business Labs on Green Enterprises November 2014
  • Telesur It-Core Hackathon Certification of Completion 2014 (Theme ApI)
  • Telesur It-Core Hackomation Certification of Completion and fIrst place winner 2015 (Theme IOT SolutIons for Health)
  • introduction to RobotIcs (Mooc) May 2015 Certification of Completion
  • introduction to RobotIcs VisIon (MOOC) May 2015 Certification of Completion
  • WWF Fishackathon ParamarIbo Certification of Completion and runner up 2016 (BuIlt Iot solution to save marine life called GrearTracks)
  • Telesur IT-Core Hackathon Certification of Completion first place winner 2016 (Built Augmented Reality Customer experience application called ARCUS
  • IT-Core Hackomation Certification of Completion 2017 (BuIlt T4 Iot SecurIty System)
  • Telesur IT-Core Hackathon 2017 Head Jury Certification of Completion (Games for Health)
  • Kosmos/IT-Core Hackomation 2018 Jury Member Certification of Completion.
  • Honor of Woman Day by the Ministry of Handel industry and Tourism 8 March 2017
  • Selected to present IOT DEVELOPMENT for CTU in Triniad in 2018
  • Selected amongst top 26 finalists for pich Agrihack 2018 in Kigali Rwanda

After I was able to accomplish so much within that 3 years even though I was not able to get a formal college education and knowing 0% about Ict when I started I was determined to share my story with other young ones in my communIty to also inspire and show them that they could also achieve whatever they put their minds to.

When I started off one of my biggest issues was being the only girl amongst only guys in the Ict sector and it was quite challenging and intimidating so I decIded to start my foundation called Codettes where I try to inspire and educate girls in my community to join get involved in Ict and not to be intimidated into thinking its a guy thing to do Ict. I tried to slowly work with the girls in my sector to train them in building Iot soiutions teaching them to selecting their monetizable pain brainstorming sketching programming and building their Iot prototypes and presenting it.

One of the team of girls from Codettes in 2018 got selected amongst the top 26 finalists to attend and pitch a project which we worked on called (Greentubes which is a scaled up versIon of a fixed Iot solutIon for a small scale farm) at the pitch Agrihack Competition in Kigali Rwanda which is 2 continents aways from suriname and was such an amazing accomplishment even though we did not win fIrst prIze.

I signed up to be part of the Fab Academy even though I do not have prior knowledge in 3d design and modeling because i'm excited and determined to put in the time and energy needed to learn more about designing programming modeling manufacturing and working with the machines therefore to get the skills needed to farther train the young ones in my community and being able to further develop the Iot prototypes which we have been working on moving them from just prototype phase to market ready phase.

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