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15. Mechanical design


group assignment
design a machine that includes mechanism+actuation+automation
build the mechanical parts and operate it manually
document the group project and your individual contribution

Learning outcomes

Work and communicate effectively in a team and independently
Design, plan and build a system
Analyse and solve technical problems
Recognise opportunities for improvements in the design

nueval-Check List

Explained your individual contribution to this project on your own website
Shown how your team planned and executed the project(Group page)
Described problems and how the team solved them(Group page)
Listed future development opportunities for this project(Group page)
Included your design files
(Optionally) 1 min video (1920x1080 HTML5 MP4) + slide (1920x1080 PNG)(Group page)

Group page

Group page

My contribution

For this week’s machine design assignment, I was in charge of design of basement part. As the group, we decided to make robot arm which consisted of a hand part and a basement part.

Rotational Base

The base part of the robot arm was created as follows.

Gear data was created using Fusion.
Timing belt is 2mm pitch.
Therefore, the mountain of gear was also 2 mm pitch.
Gears were stacked into pillars using acrylic of 5 mm thickness.

Gear data(svg)

The above data was processed by laser and used as a base of robot arm.
It became as follows in combination.