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1. Principles and practices

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Idea Sketch

Final Project

  • Title: Power of Touch
  • Power of Touch is a device that you can move a bean spraut by your heat of your palm. Your heat is sensored by peltier cell and it will be translated to electlic current.

Schedule for this project

  1. Week3: Computer Aided design
    • Start to design a bean spraut and a box
  2. Week4: Computer controlled cutting
    • Cut parts of box and assemble them
  3. Week5: Electronics production
  4. Week6: 3D Scanning and printing
  5. Week7: Electronics design
  6. Week8: Computer controlled machining
  7. Week9: Embedded programming
  8. Week10: Molding and casting
  9. Week11: Input devices
  10. Week12: Output devices
  11. Week13: Applications and implications
  12. Week14: Networking and communications
  13. Week15: Mechanical design
  14. Week16: Interface and application programming
  15. Week17: Machine design
  16. Week18: Wildcard week
  17. Week19: Invention, intellectual property and income
  18. Week20: Project development