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5. Electronics production

This week I worked on the following 3 things.

Group Assignment

We worked on finding the best settings for milling machine. Here’s our environment

  • Machine:Roland MDX-15
  • OS:Ubuntu
  • Software:Fabmodules
  • Cable:StarTech ICUSB232V2

Firstly, we tried to print sample, but there was a problem trace interior

  1. When we hit a calcurate button, machine freezed for like 5 mins.
  2. Then we tried again decrease ofset from 4 to -1
  3. Machine worked well but horizontal level were not even
  4. We cut correctly inside but we had a problem with outline(only 3 lines milled)

  1. Convert image then change diameter to 0.3mm
  2. Problem solved

Group Page

Milling and Soldering

Then, I milled my own board through Fabmodules. I choose ATtiny44 for my ISP. So I downloaded traces and interior images.

I firstly forgot modfying cut depth, so I done the same process with 0.4mm cut depth. At the same time, I adjusted drill depth(pushed it firmly.) Milling machine worked properly and I got a board.

Next, I moved to soldering. For this time, I used 0.8mm solder. Soldered with 320 degrees celcius. To avoid mistake, I put all components on a paper as the same arrengement as the circuit.

I’m not good at soldering, so I used flux to stick the parts.

Making ISP

Lastly, I wrote ISP. I firstly tried writing it via Atmel Ice but “make fuse” failed again and again. So I changed device to Arduino and it worked out.

I finished this week’s assignment by removing 0 ohm resister and jumper.