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2. Project management

This week I worked on defining my final project idea and started to getting used to the documentation process.

Personal Website

First of all, I set up my personal website.

  1. Modifying
  2. Creating About me page


I have Git experience on commend line(Terminal on Mac) but I didn’t know that there is an editable environment online. It is more user friendly because you don’t have to learn how to use commend line. Also during writing down this, I found a bottun called “Softwrap” on the top right corner of this editor that enables me to write comfortably.

Softwrap button

However, there are some missing features on GitLab. Moving files is easier to handle on Terminal Commend “mv.”


One of the most suprising thing was that there is transfer tool from Markdown to HTML.

Local Environment

I set Sublime Text as the default editor. So when I hit subl . on Terminal, Sublime Text is on.



Checked current version of git git --version

git version

I already installed Homebrew. So updated with homebrew brew update git

Regarding SSH, I already registered it with GitHub, so I copied it from /.ssh/id_rsa and pasted it on GitLab.

I made a folder for fabacademy with the commend mkdir fabacademy then moved into it with cd /desktop/fabacademy

I first cloned repository with git clone git repository cloned on local environment.

Then hit git pull git pull

I added some screenshot. so hit git add . Then comitted to master branch with messege with git commit -m "Added screen shot" Finally I pushed with git push

git pull