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Final Project
Student Agreement


*more will be added as the classes are done
  1. Sketch a Final Project
  2. Project Management with Git
  3. Use different design tools + model a possible project
  4. Cutting with the vinyl and laser cutters
  5. Make a circuit board with the CNC and program it
  6. Design and 3D print something that can't be subtractively made
  7. Electronics design and simulation
  8. Make something big
  9. Embedded programming
  10. Molding and casting | Group Project
  11. Input devices
  12. Output devices
  13. Write up the final project as an application
  14. Networking and communications
  15. Mechanical & Machine Design | Group Project
  16. Build a communication interface between boards
  17. Wildcard Week: Composites
  18. Invention, IP, and Income