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Final Project
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Final Project

The development of my final project will span the whole of Fab Academy; to help the reader navigate this page here is it in steps:

Ideation | Research | Concept Development | Prototyping | Development | Final


The first task is to think of a final project.

Unfortunately, I have too many ideas. I will start by sketching them out - my hope is that as the classes go on and I learn more, I will be able to make a better decision.

Idea One

A reminder for couples in long distance relationships.

When couples are apart, they think ablout each other a lot and having reminders of them is a very good idea. There are many projects on the market for this, like the Love Box.

My idea is to create a wearable clip or tag that reads the distance apart between the couple. When the distance is shortened, the wearable can vibrate longer as the couple comes closer. Also, at regular intervals, the wearable could play a short recording of the partner's voice or another signal.

long distance

The small screen will read the distance between two paired wearables - which will be worn by the couple.

Idea Two

A completion timer for personal projects.

Calendars have been very useful over the years for people to plan projects and track them. But sometimes people just want to watch their project go from Step 1 to, say, Step 10.

A simple ten step tool can be made that everytime one step is done, the owner can press the button. This idea is inspired by the Every Day Calendar.

project timer

Here the timer is a keychain and on pressing the button in the centre, the LEDs light up one after the other.

Idea Three

A mini wind-power generator that uses the wind from moving vehicles to charge a battery.

Growing up and studying in Nigeria, I know that there are many people who don't have electricity and can't afford solar panels. My idea is to make a small wind turbine that can be clipped unto a bicycle or tricycle.

As the cycle moves, air moves in the opposite direction which can rotate the vanes of the wind turbine. The wanes will be designed in a size to generate enough Ampere-hours to power a small household.

wind power generator

Here, the battery is detachable and can be used to power an extension box/socket.

Idea Four

What if there was a machine that changed its output based on the input of different participants? Like a knitting machine that the loom can change by community output?


I've been exploring a number of previous Fab Academy projects that are related to some of my ideas.

Related to Idea One is Tammy's project. I like that project because of the mechanical design of her final project, I think the way the products also communicate is pretty great.

Related to Idea Three, are Jennifer and Nicolo. I've been exploring both their projects, especially Nicolo's, I think that the best way to develop my third idea will be to build my own generator.

Concept Development

In a long distance relationship, many couples can not go to interesting places with their partner so they go alone. A recorded diary would be beneficial to help take notes of what a partner is experiencing. When that note has been taken, it can then be played by the other person.

Initially, my concept was a device that can send a signal to another one over very long distances - from one continent to another - but the best way for such a system would be GSM/GPRS but then the devices would need to have a SIM card. I didn't want the devices to be connected to wifi either as people could move around.

The system is to have the following use cases: a user can record a voice note which is then saved automatically. Recording another voice note erases the previously saved voice note. The voice note will also be able to be played.

So, the idea is to have: The enclosure will be made from urethane casting and 3D printing. I plan to make it a press fit assembly so that the SD card can be removed at any time. I also want to have openings in the design so that sound can be picked up by the microphone and heard from the speaker.


The assignments for Input Devices and Output Devices will serve as two spirals for me and the other parts of the work will be done progressively.

Spiral 1 - Record and see sound played from the board / Week 11, Input Devices

Spiral 2 - Play sound already recorded with the same board / Week 12, Output Devices

Spiral 3 - Play sound from an SD card and save recorded sound to an SD card

Spiral 4 - Add LEDs and one or more buttons to control the recording and playing modes

Spiral 5 - Design a circular board that has all these parts and make an enclosure for the whole device

Date Scheduled Work Results
May 5 to 11 Input week, testing out microphone input Microphone Test
May 12 to 18 Output week, testing the speaker and saving input as .wav, networking between input and output boards Speaker Test
May 19 to 25 Interface application, saving and retrieving sound to/from SD card Interface, final project BOM
May 26 to 31 Final board design Board
June 2 to 8 Board testing, CAD Debugging board, Enclosure design
June 9 to 13 Enclosure production Final assembly
June 14 Project Presentation Full documentation on this page
June 15 to 16 Changes based on feedback Final website


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