About Me


My name is Nagi Abdelnour and I am a Fabacademy 2019 student in Berytech.
I was born in beirut,Lebanon in 1977. I obtained my Architecture Diploma in 2003 and have been working in this field since my early years at the university where I have been using 3D Softwares as an essential tools in my design process.
In a world where technology and robotics are taking over, I had to jump into this fast moving world in order to understand it , control it and using it in my architectural designs rather than just receiving finished products and adapt my designs to the limited available products in the market.
The world is becoming smaller, the houses are becoming more expensive and hard to get where the technology is becoming cheaper and easy to find .
Technology and smart systems may be the solution for having More in Less spaces.
Fabacademy will give me a great view over the fabrication process and let me adjust my design process according to the continuously evolving machines taking advantage of my DIY and 3D skills along with all the new electronic and mechanical skills to be able to conceive and fabricate almost anything.