Week 1

Principles and Practices

Final Project

Week Assessment :

Sketched your final project idea/s.

Described what it will do and who will use it.

My final project is principally about emergency exit guide which will work beside fire alarm system. I will not do fire alarm system I’m only doing smart exit guide.

The project will help people how are in fire building of house to go directly to the exit in right directions. The project basically works in emergencies by these steps

When the sensor detects smoke.system will notice from where the location of the smoke.Red light for the area that is near the hazard and Green light for safe areas that lead to the exit.At the top of the drawing is the individual unit below this is how the whole system look like in the house. I started to model the whole house in Computer Adied Design but that was the week Neil recommend to only do individual unit. For more information about my final project go to my Final Project Page. thing has been change during Fab Academy.

I did some search about my idea and I found that my idea is not new. I found it in Yanko Design website. In this website I found another idea which I can join it to my idea. It similar but for stairs. It can show you which floor is safer.

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