Week 19

Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

I have a scholarship from Hamdan award which is the owner of FABLAB UAE. I got a good opportunity to be sponsored by a government foundation and surrounded by great people. Conversely, I am committed to running 5 workshops and a project after my graduation. So I decided to develop my project for the fab academy and develop it over the next 6 months. I hope to make it work as a system.

Before a couple days, I had to present my Neoguidance in front of two-officer from Ministry of Interior and they told me to present this project to Dubai police they might be interested in the project. That makes me think to step ahead. in this way, I can make sure that this project will be disseminated and it will not be business if I give it to the government association.

When I started the fab academy I snapchat most of my work include my final project and I added the process of my final project in the Instagram story. Interested people contact me in a private chat. Also,my friends asked me how did I do my project and where. I had to explain to them the Fab academy course and how it was helpful besides my project.

My plan after the fab academy is to develop my current project beside doing 5 workshops with fab lab staff. I will keep updating my page and I will write about the workshops and I will add them in separate page as a project. I will try to do my best to document on my work in a simple way so everyone can understand and to be able to do the projects by their own. I will take in coderation the prices of the items I will use. I will try to use recycled items or materials because it will all be cheaper.

I will join one-month training in how to fix smartphones. I know to repair android phones but I don't have a lot of experience. I did it twice repairing my LG screen and it works really well but I want to know more about all manufacturers and service providers. In future, I can disseminate my knowledge in repairing smartphones as the way I want with confidence. And I will not stop here I will keep educating myself then I disseminate this knowledge.

During this week I learned about the patents and copyrights and their types. I had to choose a license to classify my final project. In my opinion, my project will not be an invention, I only developed fire alarm projects so a patent is not necessary for my project. I liked the idea of open source license so I want my project to be an Open Source project but also I need a license that protects my copyrights.

To be honest I don't know the types of copyright beside I never used them before. so I started by searching for the types and I found this amazing webpage for creative commons . they help the people like me the one that does not know which license to use. All you need is to answer some questions and will find you the license which is more suitable for you.It also describes the license symbols they explain it very well.

I'm interested in MIT license because it allows others to use my project and develop it without any restrictions and it can be used for commercial and private. That will help to reach more people. Its also support hardware projects. It's nice to share projects among a huge number of developers. They will improve the ideas in many ways that you cannot think about it.

MIT License

Even though I liked the MIT license I choose license. Because I get confused if the MIT license covered hardware project while I'm sure that creative comment can be licensed hardware projects. I opened the creative commons website and I clicked in to get started.

I select the options that I need.

Then I can get my license on my webpage.

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.
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