Week 18

Applications and Implications

Week Assessment :

Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered.

Answer some question regarding the final project.

What will it do?

It's basically a system that works with a fire alarm. Its exit guide system works with LED that will show which direction should go. it will guide the people to the safest exit. This was a general description. In technical part with the smoke sensor will sens the smoke the microcontroller will read the data from the sensor. According to the sensor data, the microcontroller will take action. This will be done by a program that I will write it in Arduino IDE and I will upload it to the microcontroller. If the data the microcontroller received are more than the limit that I set it in the program the LED will turn on.

Who's done what beforehand?

When I did my first search I found some websites that present the same idea of my final project and I found some good future ideas that can develop my project later. I mentioned the website in Principles and Practices week I searched on google and I found a company called EmP Systems that sells something similar to my project. They called it DYNAMIC ESCAPE ROUTING.. More information in Invention, Intellectual Property, and Income

What will you design?

I started designing 2D and 3D . 2d will be the laser cut frame and some eagle desig while the 3D the case for my sensor and designing the mold for my vaccum former. so I will use shopbot and vacumm former and 3D printer laser cutter and soldring dor my board .( move the processor) my board but I did not work. Hasim told me to replace the microcontroller. I have to design the body and I will do that in Fusion 360.

What materials and components will be required?

smoke sensor MQ2 - Attiny 44 - LED strip - resistors - capacitor - FTDI headers - AVR ISP headers -battery

I know from input week which sensor I will be using. I will be using MQ2 it is CO2 detector.I also know that I need a microcontroller and I decided to use Attiny 44 which is the microcontroller that I used for my FabISP and for electronics design week.

I was thinking to use Acrylic 3 or 6 mm I don't know if we have enough acrylic in the Lab I can use MDF as an alternative option. I can use plastic liquid if I did the mold, but I don't prefer this option the procedures for molding and casting takes more than laser cutting. More likely I will use acrylic. I set with Wendy and hashim to decusing about my final project and they gave me a great ideas in which material I will use and the processing that will compine most of the skills that I learned in Fab Academy I talked about me in project developmet page.

Where will they come from?

All the materials and component we have it in the Lab.

How much will it cost?

The smoke sensor can cost 2.7~4.5 $. while Attiny 44 cost 0.74 $ and LED strip cost approx 7.9~16$. My Bill of material is in Final Project page.

What parts and systems will be made?

the box and the board that will have all my electronics component

What processes will be used?

create a parametric design for the box then vinyl to cover the box. I will have to design a board with my input and output device and writing a program.

What tasks need to be completed?

Design and milling the circuit board beside soldering

Programming the microcontroller

Design the box

Printing the frame

Designing the acrylic sheet and cutting it

Designing the logo and the stickers and cutting

Assembling the project

Final testing

What questions need to be answered?

How sensitive is the sensor?

How accurate are the vales?

Is it a real-time embedded system?

Is the environment affect the accuracy of the sensor?

what is the schedule?

I create Gantt chart so mof the the dates hase been change and the designe along with test

How will it be evaluated?

My minimum requirement for my project is to turn on the light while the is a smoke.