Week 17 Assignment

Applications And Implications


  1. Propose a final project that integrates the range of units covered

  2. Define the scope of a project

  3. Develop a project plan

Answering the quistions

1.What will it do?

So what Im going to do is a kind of art that contains movement perceivable by the viewer or that relies on motion for its effect—this is the definition of kinetic art. While the definition explains the practical notion, it doesn't emphasize the hypnotic capabilities of the artform. And though it comprises any medium, it's actually kinetic sculpture that most comes to mind when thinking of the genre.

There are many of the kinetic designs for example Variation II Sun its a kinatic design but the mutual thing between all the designs is the kinetic motion.

Some artists use natural elements—like wind—to propel motion in the sculptures…

2.Who has done what beforehand?

Reuben Margolin
First inspired by the mysterious and mathematical qualities of a caterpillars crawl, artist Reuben Margolin creates large-scale kinetic sculptures that use pulleys and motors to recreate the complex movements and structures we see in nature. Margolin takes to the PopTech stage to share some of his extraordinary mechanical installations.

3.What will you design?

My design will be similar to Reuben Margolin designs, a smal prototype consist of a box of wood and the top of acrylic

4.What materials and components will be used?

This table contains all the components and information about it

Components Name Datasheet/info Price
Atmega328p Data sheet 4
Nema17 stepper motor Data sheet 20
LM384N Data sheet 3
Speaker 5w Speaker 8
Potentiometer 6 pins potentiometer 0.75
ULN2003AN Data sheet 3
Blutooth Audio receiver 5 volts audio receiver blutooth 5

Materials I want to use :

5.What parts and systems will be made?

I will made Two boards the first board for the motion system of the project and this board contain Atmega328p and ULN2003AN motor driver for the stepper motor.
The second board for the sound system so this board is an amplifier board 5W and I will add a blutooth to controll the music.
The body will be made from acrylic and wood by laser cutter and wood CNC.

6.What processes will be used?

1.Computer aided design 3D.
2.CNC milling.
3.Laser cutting.
4.Output devices.
5.Input devices.
6.Networking and communication.
7.Electronics design.
8.Empeded programing.

7.What questions need to be answered?

The time... I am doing my best to be up to date

8.What is the schedule?

I have finished the sound system and the motion system of my project, now I have to make the design and manufacture it then I will connect the systems with each other

9.How it will be evaluated?

If the motion system works, the sound system also works and my final project looks pretty nice as it a kind of art then everything is clearly fine because I will Show the skill that I've learned through the academy

1.2D and 3D Modelling
2.Additive manufacturing
3.Substractive Manufacturing
4.Input Device "Electronics design and manufacturing.
5.Output Device "Electronics design and manufacturing.
6.Embeded Programming and coding
7.The Machine should be functional.
8.Cost of the project should not be high