Who am I?!

Hi .. My name is Haithem Abdelkhalek, I am from Egypt. I have a BSc. degree in Computer Engineering and Masters degree in Business Administration in addition to several professional certificates and diplomas in different areas.

I have over 17 years experience in the Information Technology field in the Oil and Gas sector, where I came across different IT Jobs and gained a lot of knowledge spanning different IT discplines. Currently I am a regional IT Manager in one of the major Oil Companies.

Last but not least, In addition to being a proud husband and father for two kids. I have always been and will always be a proud crazy Geek!

Why Did I join Fab Academy?!

"Why I joined Fab Academy?..". Well I just got the "Maker Fever"!!. It began with this compelling images in my mind of new ideas, then it was followed by an urge to create and turn the ideas to tangible prototypes. It became even worse when it started to be a total possession. A possession that wake me up at night to start sketching or writing notes.

When I started to work on the ideas I have, my dreams crashed on rocks of reality because I discovered it takes more than Bachelor in Computer engineering to create a prototype. This was confirmed when I attended a webinar for a guru named seggy t. segaran with the title "What they don't teach you in Engineering school!".

So, I joined the FabLab Academy to fill the gaps I have and take a step to fulfill my dream. In the begining I though I am getting crazy, but now after seeing you all I discovered it is not only me!!


In this website, I will try as much as possible to tell you in details all about myself and my coming 19 weeks journey in FAB Academy 2018. The web site will be divided to 3 sections as follows:

  • "Assignments" section: Where you will find all the steps I carried to plan and implement the required assignments.
  • "Final Project" Section: Where I will document everything about my final project.

I also added my contacts so I can be easily reached in case there are any enquiries or If anyone felt that i can provide any technical advise or help.